10 Ways to Get Rid Of a Migraine Fast and Naturally

Migraines are caused by dilation of the temporal artery which stretches the nerves in the temporal region. The nerves are located at close proximity in the temporal area, the stretching action of the artery on the nerve leads to irritation and inflammation of the nerves which result in sharp pain referred to as migraines.

As the arteries dilate further, it leads to increased inflammation of the nerves which result to severe pulsating pains. The migraines are caused by different factors. You can easily prevent them from affecting you after you identify the real causes of the pain. There are several natural remedies which you can apply to get rid of migraine quickly.

1. Shut Off The Lights

Sensory stimuli such as flickering or bright lights can cause migraines. You can calm your nerves down by turning off the lights. You can as well move into a dark room where you will avoid light. Other measures you can apply to get rid of sensory stimuli which is making you develop migraines is to wear sunglasses when walking out in bright sunlight. You will be required to stay in the dark till the migraines have stopped before you come out. This is a natural remedy which you can apply to get rid of migraines if you discover they are caused by exposure to light.

2. Apply A Cold Compress

Applying a cold piece of cloth on the affected area will make the blood vessel to contract. This will slow down blood flow to the head as well as getting rid of the migraines because the capillaries will not press too much on the nerves hence exposing you to the pains. You will be required to take a piece of cloth and dip it into cold water. You can cool the water with a fridge to attain the required low temperatures. After applying the cloth on the affected area, leave it to stay in position for about 15 minutes after which you will remove the piece of cloth.

3.Make Tea With Lavender Or Other Helpful Herbs

Tension responsible for the migraines can be eradicated from your body through consuming helpful herbs. Some of the helpful herbs you can consume to speed up the recovery process include cayenne pepper, peppermint, ginger and lavender. Lavender has been used for many years to get rid of anxiety, migraines, stress and other health complications. You can prepare lavender tea and drink or use the sachets to soothe the affected area. You will have to use the tea bags and apply the left over on the affected area after drinking the tea.

4. Massage Your Temples And Neck

The main cause of migraines is tension. You can relax the muscles in your temporal region where the migraines affect you most. The massage will ease the muscles hence helping you in easing the pain caused by the migraines. You can use the index and middle fingers to massage the area. You can dip your fingers in ice cold water before you start the massage if you will like to achieve quick recovery.

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5. Chew Ginger Root

You can chew ginger in its natural form for you to get rid of migraines. Eating the roots will influence the way your body responds to pain which in effect will help you in getting rid of migraines. You can chew ginger or drink ginger tea to get quick relief of the pain caused by the affected nerves on your temporal region.

6. Increase Your Turkey Intake

Turkey meat is rich in tryptophan which is very helpful in helping you get rid of migraines. You can easily get rid of a migraine at home after you decide to have turkey meat regularly in your diet. The tryptophan amino acid in turkey meat is very helpful in stimulating the release of dopamine. This in effect leads to secretion of serotonin. Serotonin is very effective in making the muscle of the body relax hence it will work wonders in helping you get rid of migraines.

7. Eat Nuts

Eating nuts regularly will help you in getting rid of migraines. Nuts are rich in salicin which is very useful in blocking pain. Just prepare your favorite nuts at home and eat with your family members. They are among the most effective ways you can use to get rid of a migraine at home naturally.

8. Drink Grape Juice

When looking for ways of getting rid of migraines you will discover drinking grape juice is among the most effective methods you can apply. You can buy a fruit drink of all natural grape juice and drink. The juice has natural pain reliving properties which will help you in getting rid of the disturbing migraines. If you can easily access fresh grapes, then you need to blend a juice which you will drink after the onset of migraines. In order to prevent occurrence of the migraines, you can make a habit of drinking the juice regularly in your home.

9. Apple Cider Vinegar

You will have to take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and pour in a glass of water. You can add a tablespoon of honey to make the mixture sweet for you to enjoy the drink. Apple cider vinegar is rich in pain reliving properties which will make you recover within the shortest time possible. You can increase the amount of apple cider vinegar in your drink so that you will achieve quick relief if the pain is too intense.

10. Rub With Peppermint

You can easily achieve a quick relief after you apply peppermint oil rubs on the temple region. After rubbing the peppermint, you can complement it with peppermint tea. You can flavor the tea with honey so that it can taste when drinking. Peppermint is a strong anti-inflammatory herb which will soothe the affected area as well as acting as an anti-spasmodic ingredient. When applying the oil, try to massage gently on the affected area so that you will make it spread to the affected nerves where it will soothe them for you to achieve quick relief from the pulsating pain. If you will prefer drinking peppermint tea, try to add enough honey for you to easily drink enough for quick relief.

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