10 Ways to Get Rid Of a Sore Throat Overnight Fast and Naturally

Sore throat is associated with inflammation along the throat. The inflammation leads to irritation. There are many causes of the irritation; it can be caused by viral infection, bacterial infection or injury. There are many essential oils for sore throat which you can use at home to relief the sore throat.

Before you decide on any type of treatment, you should start by assessing the treatment whether it can work well for you. There are some sore throats which are more persistent, for example strep throat or mononucleosis will be more persistent than other types of sore throats.

1. Gargles Of Salt Solution

Just take about a teaspoon of table salt and mix with a glass of warm water. You can decide to add lemon juice in the mixture for effective results. With your head slightly turned up, take the solution back to your throat and gargle several times before you spit out. The solution is very effective in relaxing muscles as well as fighting bacteria which may be causing the infection. After you have gargled, rinse your mouth with warm water to avoid the irritation which can be caused by traces of salt.

2. Use Warm Compress To Soothe The Throat

You can use tea for sore throat to soothe the irritation on your sore threat. The treatment procedure is very easy; just wrap warm compress on the outside of the throat. You can use a warm cotton pad soaked in warm tea or lozenges. With a warn pad placed on the neck, the heat will relax the throat muscles which in effect will relief the pain.

 get rid of sore throat

3. Poultice Out Of Chamomile Tea

You can make a batch out of chamomile tea and soak a cotton pad in the solution. In order for the tea to work well, you need to take chamomile flowers and soak them in boiling water. The boiling water will dissolve active ingredients out of the chamomile flowers which will act on your throat muscles hence helping you in getting rid of sore throat. Apart from using a cotton pad, you can wrap the warm chamomile leaves on your beck. You can repeat several times in a day so that you will easily get rid of the sore throat.

4. Sea Salt Plaster

You will have to mix 2 cups of sea salt water with about 6 tablespoons of lukewarm water. This will form a damp mixture. After making the salt paste, place it on the center of clean dishtowel. After covering the sea salt in the dishtowel, place it on your neck and wrap with another towel. Just leave the plaster in place several times. This will help you achieve quick relief from sore throat.

5. Using Humidifiers And Steam Treatment

Cool or warm mist passing through humidifiers can help you get rid of sore throat. You can also use warm steam to get rid of the sore throat. For the treatment to be more effective, you can add ginger or lemon to the hot water producing steam. The application process is very simple; just heat about three cups of water till boiling point. Pour the hot water into a bowl and leave them to cool a bit so that the hot water will steam. You can test with your hand to know the temperature of the steam produced. When the steam is at the right temperate; cover your head with a towel over the bowl of hot water producing steam. Try to breathe as deeply as possible through your nose and mouth. You can breathe over the steam for about 10 minutes in a session. Try to repeat the process several times in a day and you will finally get rid of the throat irritation.

6. Make Garlic Tea

Garlic has natural antibiotics which will help you in getting rid of the root cause of your sore throat. Cut fresh garlic into small pieces and then put them into a mug. Fill the mug with water and put the mug in a microwave and boil for about two minutes. You can add tea bag to kill the strong garlic smell. Add few drops of honey to make your drink sweet. After you have prepared the drink, try to drink it several times in a day as possible.

7. Drink Honey Mixed With Lemon Juice

If you will like to eliminate sore throat naturally, then you need to drink honey mixed with lemon juice. The remedy is very effective. It has been used for many years to get relief sore throat. Honey is naturally made by bees while lemon grows naturally. This makes the solution among the most effective natural remedies which you can use to eliminate sore throat. Take about two tablespoon of honey and squeeze lemon juice into the honey in a glass them add warn water. For a pleasant flavor you can add a pinch of cinnamon. You can drink the solution in the evening and morning till you get rid of the sore throat.

get rid of sore throat

8. Gargle With Cayenne Pepper

This is among the most effective home remedies for sore that. Just take a glass of water and add cayenne pepper. Add a pinch of pepper and stir the solution. You should avoid too much pepper because it can burn your throat. If you have tried antibiotics but they have not offered you relief from sore throat, the gargle will easily get rid of the sore throat. With your head slightly raised you can gargle for several minutes after which you will spit the solution and wash your mouth.

9. Take Hot Showers

Hot shower produces steam which you will inhale in the process. The hot steam is very necessary in opening respiratory passages which will enhance the healing of your sore throat. If you have been used to taking cold showers, changing to hot showers after the onset of sore throat you can easily get rid of the irritation.

10. Drink Fresh Orange Juice

Orange juice has active ingredients which will work on your throat and help in getting rid of the infection. You should only use fresh juice squeezed out of fresh orange in your kitchen.

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