10 Ways To Get Rid Of Bruises On Legs Fast

Bruises on legs cannot be easily avoided. You can get bruises from anything. In many cases, you cannot get an instant relief from the bruises. There are different types of the bruises such as unexplained bruising on legs and small bruises on legs. For all the types of the bruises, you need different treatments.

If you are suffering from the bruises and are looking for some immediate help, then go through this article to know the ten effective ways to get rid of bruises on legs fast. All the following procedures are effective and can be applied to treat leg bruises quickly and naturally.

1. Ice Therapy

One of the most effective home remedies for the leg bruising is ice therapy. Ice is helpful to increase the blood flow in the affected area. It is also useful to reduce the pain. For the immediate relief, fill a plastic bag with the ice cubes and keep this bag on the bruises for ten to fifteen minutes. While applying the ice, make sure that you are not applying it directly to the skin. If you do so, it can damage your skin, instead of curing the bruises. You can wrap the ice cubes in a towel for the better results.

2. Vinegar

Vinegar is useful to increase the blood circulation that has clotted up in a particular area. If you do not like to include the vinegar in your diet then you can simply apply it on the affected area. Add the vinegar with the warm water and apply it on the bruises. Repeat the procedure twice in a day. Vinegar will expand the blood stream and speed up the healing process.

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3. Bandage

A bandage is considered effective for bruises and small cuts. You can use an elastic bandage to prevent the further spreading of the bruises. The bandage is one of the commonly used home remedies as it not only prevents the further spreading but also contributes well in the healing.

4. Vanilla

Vanilla extracts are also known as one of the useful ways to heal the leg bruises. You can use the vanilla extracts to get relief from the swollen or fresh bruises. The vanilla extract helps to get relief from the pain, irritation, and it speeds up the recovery as well.

5. Castor Oil

Another great home remedy for the bruises is castor oil. Its anti-inflammatory properties work well on your skin. Moreover, castor oil has many healing properties as it helps to prevent skin discoloration and dehydration. You can directly apply the castor oil on the affected area to get rid of the bruises naturally. You will notice remarkable improvements within a couple of hours.

6. Onion

Onion has anti-inflammatory and healing properties that improve the blood circulation and speed up the healing process. It works well on the damaged skin cells, sprain, and swelling. You can apply an onion slice on the affected area directly for thirty minutes or can make a mixture of 2/3 parts of onion and 2 tbsp of salt. Apply the mixture on the affected and wrap it gently with a cotton towel. Leave it for the overnight. You will observe the improvements in the next morning.

7. Vitamins

A healthy diet can also work as a natural healer and can help you to get relief of the leg bruises even without following any other home remedy. You can have vitamin C and vitamin K rich foods such as broccoli, mangoes, peppers, oranges, sprouts, and leafy greens to reduce the skin inflammation and bruises. These foods are also effective on old bruises and blood clots.

8. Blueberries

If you are prone to bruising easily on legs, then you should include blueberries in your diet. Blueberries help in blood circulation and improve the collagen formation. Hence, it quickly heals the bruises without leaving any trace. Moreover, blueberries are effective for the skin rejuvenation and strengthen the capillary walls.

9. Arnica

Arnica, a European plant, is considered as one of the effective home remedies for the bruises. Arnica extracts can also be used for aches, sprain, and arthritis. You can apply it both on the old and fresh bruises and see the difference within a couple of hours. It helps to reduce swelling, discoloration, and it is effective for the pain as well. You can apply it on the affected area two to three times daily to get the better results. But you should not swallow the arnica gel or extracts as it is poisonous and can create health complications.

10. Parsley Leaves

Parsley leaves have healing and anti-inflammatory properties. These leaves are rich in vitamin K and Vitamin C. It is effective in treating the bruises, to reduce the pain, and to strengthen the capillaries. For the bruises, you just need to crush the leaves and spread them on the affected area. It can heal your bruises within a fortnight. The best thing about the parsley leave is that it can be absorbed automatically by the skin and you will notice the improvements after a couple of hours.

All the above remedies are effective and you can use any of them safely on your leg bruises. You can take the following precautions to speed up the healing process and to prevent further occurrence.

• Avoid having aspirin and any other medication that has paracetamol in it.

• While treating the bruises, make sure that you are treating it from the top to the bottom.

• Take enough rest to speed up the recovery.

• Expose the bruises to the direct sunlight fifteen to twenty minutes in a day. It makes the healing faster.

• Massage the affected area gently to improve the blood circulation.

• If it is a blood clot and you are unable to treat it within forty-four hours then it is better to take the medical help.

• Follow a healthy diet with green leafs and vitamin rich foods.

There is no definite reason of bruises on the leg. You can get them due to many reasons such as falling, fighting, bumping, and skin irritations. You should take precautions to prevent further spreading. Apply any of the above home remedies to treat your bruises quickly without any medical help.

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