8 Ways to Get Rid Of Ingrown Pubic Hairs Fast

Ingrown hair in the pubic area will cause pain. This makes it necessary for you to look for ways of getting rid of ingrown hair in the pubic region as soon as it develops. You can also apply preventive measures so that you will avoid the pain and inconveniences which you can be faced with due to development of the ingrown hair.

The ingrown hair will cause pain, redness and a bumpy look which will make you uncomfortable. It will be very hard when it comes to wearing tight jeans if you prefer them. The bump can stay dry or in some instances it can develop pus. The bumps will vary in size. There are others which will be small while others can be big and itchy.

1. Bath With Epsom Salt

There are some ingrown hairs which will be deeply rooted in the pubic region. It will be hard for you to pull out such hair so that you will get rid of the pus which will form due to the action of your body where the body will try to react to the foreign particles trapped in the skin. The salt will make the hair move close to the surface hence making it easy for you to pull it out. Epsom salt is also very helpful in reducing inflammation which can be caused by the ingrown hair. You need to take a bath with water mixed with Epsom salt if you will like to get rid of the ingrown pubic hair. When taking bath you should ensure you massage the area with the water so that you will achieve quick recovery.

2. Applying Pressure On The Affected Area

You can use your two fingers to exert pressure on the affected area. If there is a bump, you can hold the bump between two fingers and apply pressure to release pus and push out the trapped hair. Sometimes the hair can twist forming an ingrown, but a portion of it will protrude on the skin, you can use a pair of tweezers to pull out the hair hence get rid of the pus which will form due to the ingrown hair. When pulling the hair out you should be careful not to damage the skin.

3. Apply A Salicylic Astringent

You can use a cotton pad to apply salicylic astringent. If the area has developed pus or blood, try to wipe it clean before applying the solution. The remedy will help the hair to come out as well as protecting your skin against infection. The process of applying is very easy; you will start by cleaning the area after which you will use a cotton pad to apply on the area. Try to be careful not to apply too much because it can irritate the skin.

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4. Wear Cotton Underwear

Synthetic under wear will restrict air flow to the area. If the ingrown hair had developed pus on your pubic area, you will take a longer period of time to recover if you will continue wearing synthetic under wears. You will reduce chances of contracting infection if you will allow the area to breathe freely. You should wear cotton under wear which will allow free circulation of air hence allow the skin to heal naturally after the development of ingrown hair. Tight jeans can easily increase risk of ingrown hair in the pubic region. Try to avoid tight jeans so that you will reduce chances of development of the ingrown hairs in your bikini and pubic region.

5. Exfoliate

Ingrown hair is caused by dead skin cells which block the hair from penetrating to the surface. Dirt and oils on your skin surface can also block the hair hence leading to ingrown hair. You will easily open the pores after you make a habit of exfoliating your skin around the pubic region. You can use exfoliating pads, synthetic sponges, loofahs, mild scrubs or shaving brushes to exfoliate the area. You can scrub the area gently so that you will get rid of all particles which may be blocking the skin hence making you develop the ingrown hair.

6. Pat On Tea Tree Oil After Shaving

In most cases the ingrown hair will start developing after you have shaved the area. You can easily reduce chances of the development of ingrown hair after you adopt hair removal methods which will not cut hair too close to the skin. To prevent trapping of the hair which can lead to clogged hair in the pores, you can apply tea tree oil after shaving. You can mix the oil with aloe Vera so that you will achieve great results. The oil is very effective in getting rid of inflammation caused by ingrown hair in the pubic region.

7. Apply Witch Hazel After Shaving

This is a natural antiseptic which you can apply to avoid bacteria from affecting the area. After you develop ingrown hair, you can apply the solution so that it will protect newly opened pores against bacterial attack. The remedy will make the pores stay healthy which will avoid development of ingrown hair after you have shaved the hair around the pubic region.

8. Apply Kalo

This is a natural ingrown hair treatment solution which you can buy and apply on the affected area. The solution is very effective; you can apply two times in a day and within two days you will achieve great results.

Other Tips To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hair On Pubic Area:

  • Use a single blade to shave in the pubic area because multiple bladed razors can shave too close to the skin which will trigger development of ingrown hair.
  • Reduce your frequency of shaving around the pubic area.
  • Use electric razor instead of a blunt razor which will lead to development of ingrown hair.
  • Shave in the direction of hair growth.
  • Avoid stretching the skin when shaving.
  • Avoid applying too much pressure when shaving the pubic area because it can cut hair too low which will lead to ingrown hair.
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