10 Ways to Get Rid Of Redness on Face

Many people suffer from facial redness on a daily basis. There are several factors which can contribute to your facial redness. They include factors such as sunburn, skin allergy, rosacea, skin sensitivity and weather blushing. Most people will use heavy makeups to cover the condition and go on with their daily activities.

There are also several home remedies as well as over the counter remedies which you can apply to get rid of the skin complications. It is upon you to take your time and look for the best remedies which can work well depending on your lifestyle.

1. Apply Cold Compresses

Cold compress is very effective in shutting down inflammation on the affected area. It is very effective in cooling as well as fading the redness. The application process is very easy, just take a piece of cloth and dip it in water. Take the soaked cloth and place it in a refrigerator so that it will cool a bit. Place the cold piece of cloth on the affected area to get rid of the redness. You should be careful not to reach ice cold temperature because it can lead to skin burns. Apply the remedy each morning to get rid of the redness at home.

2. Apply Aspirin Paste

You can use aspirin paste to get rid of redness from your face. Aspirin is rich in salicylic acid which can soothe your skin. It is very effective in getting rid of inflammation on the affected areas. Take one aspirin tablet and crush it in a bowl. Mix some water and make a paste. Use a piece of cloth to dab the paste on the affected area. Let it sit for 30 minutes before you rinse a way.

3. Apply Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is among common treatments you can apply to get rid of redness on your face. It has been used over many years to get rid of different types of skin complications. It has active ingredients which can help reduce inflammation as well as reliving the redness. You can buy aloe Vera gel from store near you or use a fresh aloe Vera leaf if you live in a place where you can easily access aloe Vera. If you prefer a fresh leaf of aloe Vera, just extract the juice and apply on your affected skin. Massage the gel with your fingertips before you apply. It has a cooling effect which will be felt immediately you apply it. It is an effective remedy which can be applied to get rid of the redness in less than 30 minutes.

Red Spots on Face

4. Use Sliced Cucumber

Cucumber is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. You can use cucumber slices or juice to soothe the affected skin. It is very effective in fading the red spots. It is rich in vitamins C which will play a great role in getting rid of the redness. Start by cutting cucumber slices and freeze them in a fridge. Move the slices from the fridge and apply them on the affected skin. You can lie down so that they will rest on your face well. Let the slices sit on your face for about 20 minutes after which you will wash your face.

5. Try Coconut Oil

If you will like to reduce redness on face, then you will be in the right track after you decide to use coconut oil. It is a natural moisturizer which can easily soothe your skin. It has emollient substances which can be used to keep your skin moist. Dry skin can lead to redness, but after you moisturize it using coconut oil you will achieve great success in your process of trying to get rid of the redness from forming on your face. You can dab coconut oil on the affected areas before you go to bed. If you cannot access the oil, you can as well switch to using moisturizers that are rich in coconut oil.

6. Find the offender

The main cause of your face redness may be the beauty products you are using. The allergic reaction from the skin product can lead you to developing redness on your face. You can reduce the skin redness after you take time and identify the main cause and avoid it. You should start by assessing products which you may have added recently to your beauty product list. If the products are among the major causes of your reaction, try to avoid them and the face redness will be easily cured.

7. Wear a Scarf in Cold Weather

Cold can cause blood vessels on your face to shrink. If you are going out where there is too much cold, the blood can be restricted from coming into your face. When you will be back in the warm environment, blood can flow to the face leading to the appearance of redness. You can easily get rid of the redness after you make efforts of preventing the skin from coming into contact with too much cold. You can buy a scarf and use it to cover your face especially on areas where redness forms more often. Application of petroleum jelly can as well be used alongside covering the face with a scarf.

8. Maintain a Balanced Diet

Health diet will prevent your skin from developing the redness on your face. Try to have a diet which is rich in vitamins A, B, C and E. The diet should contain minerals such as iron, magnesium and zinc. Lots of carrots, apples, tomatoes, bananas, oranges, watermelon and spinach are very helpful in keeping your skin healthy hence preventing the formation of redness.

9. Use moisturizer

Immediately you wash your face, try to apply a moisturizer. You can buy a lotion or facial cream which can act as a moisturizer. You can as well keep your lotion cold and apply it on your face. Old will make the blood vessels to constrict hence reduce the appearance of redness on your face.

10. Consider Oatmeal Masks

Oatmeal is a great soothing agent. It can soothe redness which has been caused by sunburn or irritation. Just buy oatmeal and add water. Let them absorb water and apply the paste on your face as a face mask. Leave it in position for about 30 minutes before you wash off.

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