10 Ways to Get Rid Of Scars on Legs Fast

You may feel embarrassed to expose your legs if they have been affected with scars. There are several ways you can use to eliminate the scars which are embarrassing you when exposing your legs. You can try over the counter cream as well as home remedies available. There are different types of scars available.

You should start by identifying the type of scar which is affecting you so that you will know how to deal with it. Common causes of scars on legs include chicken pox, surgery, injuries, insect bites and acne. There are different treatments which will target the cause and help you get rid of the scars easily.

1. Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is a natural product which you can apply to get rid of scar tissues. It has moisturizing and skin softening properties which will work on your legs and make them attractive. It moisturizes as well as softening middle layer of the skin. It also soothes the outer layer of the skin to make it attractive. You can use pure cocoa butter or buy lotion containing cocoa butter. Try to massage the oil on the legs each day till you get rid of the scars completely. For effective results you can apply about 4 times each day.

2. Use Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E has been applied to treat scars for several years in different parts of the world. Vitamin E oil has moisturizing and powerful antioxidants which will help repair your skin as well as improving its appearance. You can decide to take vitamin E capsules or apply the oil topically. Start by testing vitamin E oil on a small patch of the skin and see how it reacts with your skin. If it will treat the scars, you can proceed and apply all over your body.

get rid of scars on legs

3. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is among the best remedies for scar tissues. It is very helpful in making the appearance of the scars less noticeable due to its bleaching effects. It is also an exfoliator which will act on the scars and make your legs attractive. Cut a fresh lemon juice and apply on the affected legs. Let the juice sit for about 30 minutes bore you wash off. Repeat the procedure on a daily basis till you get rid of the scars. It is among the most effective remedies which will help you get rid of the scars within the shortest time possible.

4. Use Aloe Vera

You can get rid of scars on legs through application of aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is rich in antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Just break aloe Vera leaf wide open and extract the gel. Apply the gel on your legs which have been affected by the scars. Apply as you massage till the gel is well spread on the scars. Let the gel sit in position for about 30 minutes. You can then wash off. Apply two times in a day and within a period of one month the scars will fade from your legs. If you cannot access fresh aloe Vera leaf, you can as well buy aloe Vera creams available in shops and use it on a regular basis till you get rid of the scars.

5. Olive Oil

Olive oil is very effective in improving the appearance of scars. It has a lot of vitamin E and K which are very helpful in improving the condition of the skin. It is acidic hence it helps in moisturizing and relieving the scars. It can as well exfoliate the skin which will help in getting rid of the scars. Apply extra virgin oil to the affected legs and massage well. You can as well mix the oil with baking soda and apply it as an exfoliating treatment. You can as well combine the oil with other oils so that you will achieve quick results. Common oils you can use alongside olive oil include chamomile and rosehip oil.

6. Try Cucumber

Cucumber is an effective treatment which can be used to break down scar tissue. It helps in cooling and soothing the inflamed skin around the scar. It is an effective treatment which can be used to treat fresh scars. Just peel cucumber and chop it so that you can blend in a blender. Use the paste which will be formed to apply on the affected legs. Even if you will make a lot of paste, you can store the rest in a fridge and apply sparingly on a daily basis so that you will achieve quick results. You can as well mix it with other remedies such as lemon juice, and aloe Vera so that you will speed up the recovery process.

get rid of scars on legs

7. Use Honey

Honey is a natural moisturizer which you can apply to get rid of scars on your legs. It is an effective remedy which you can use to get rid of the scars naturally. Take crude honey and apply on the skin affected with scars. For effective results you can mix two tablespoons of crude honey with two tablespoons of baking soda. Massage the honey on your legs for about 3 minutes before you place a warm towel. Let the towel cool before you remove the honey from your leg.

8. Baking Soda

Baking soda is an effective exfoliator. Just take baking soda and apply on your legs which have been affected with the scars. Let the paste sit on the affected skin for about 10 minutes before you wash off. The power will make your legs smooth as well as exfoliating which will reduce the appearance of the scars.

9. Exfoliate Regularly Using A Body Scrub

The scar will form on outer layers of the skin. You can easily get rid of scars which are affecting you on your legs through application of body scrub or bristle brush exfoliators. You will remove the outer layer where the scar is attacked hence getting rid of it.

10. Massage Your Legs

Massaging your legs regularly can eliminate scars. The massage will help in breaking down the fibrous tissue which is causing the scarring. Massaging also aid in blood circulation on your skin which in effect will prevent discoloration caused by the scars.

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