10 Ways To Get Rid Of Warts On Face Fast

Are you having a real tough time with the flat warts on face? Then, this post will certainly come to your greatest help. Just like the name itself, warts are literally irksome and annoying. It will not take even a second to embarrass you in front of your colleagues and associates.

Now, the question remains where do these warts come from? “Is it hereditary? Is it contagious? Is it curable?”- these are the common questions every person having warts would possibly think about once he/she is diagnosed with such unwanted growth of skin.

Yes, warts are nothing but a surplus growth of skin. Human (HPV) is real behind the disease and leaves the top layer of the skin irritated and infected. Warts are very communicable and in case, you have a cut on your skin and someone having this disease touches the part, the virus will catch you just in a second. Also, it spreads through different showering items, shaving blades, etc. You can consult with your family doctor or else, you can also try some effective remedies at home.

1. Milkweed

Why don’t you try milkweed to combat this disease? You can easily find milkweed growing in your backyard. Few drops of the sap are all that is needed to heal the wart. Milkweed has a certain amount of Proteolytic enzyme which is best known for dissolving the itches. You just have to file the face warts to a little extent and after the top layer is sloughed off a bit, press the bottom of the step and extract the sap to apply in the affected area. Cover the entire area with the liquid.

However, if you have sensitive skin and you feel any irritation, waste no time of yours to wipe out the sap. Also, milkweed is very toxic due to a content, namely cardiac glycoside. Thus, it’s recommended to keep the weed away from children and pets.

2. Banana

Have you ever thought, banana mash can ever help you remove the warts on face? But, yes, it can. Just like the milkweed, the Proteolytic enzyme of banana peel works best to fight the warts. All you need is the banana peel and something with a sharp edge to wisp the peel with. Apply the solution twice a day and you will get the result just in a week. Once you are done, always wash your hand properly so that the warts do not spread on the other parts in your body.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is probably the best therapy to combat the face warts. Although, it does not kill the virus literally, but the high acid content in the solution destroys the warts in the finest possible way and also makes sure that the irritation does not appear any time soon. Continue applying the solution at least thrice a day. In a few days, the affected area will turn out black and then completely disappear within a week. However, leaving the warts under ACV throughout the whole night works the best. Get a cotton ball soaked in ACV, place it on the area and tie it with a strip of cloth, so that it does not drip along the other parts of your face.

get rid of warts on face

4. Basil Leaves

Basil is also very effective on the warts. So, now it’s time for you to get the leaves, crush it hard until it becomes mushy and juicy. Then, apply the potion on the affected area and secure the same with a piece of gauge. Leave it for an hour or two. Take it off.

5. Papaya

The fresh papaya mush is also known for combating the warts in the best possible way. Papaya has a certain enzyme that works the best against dead tissues. Cut an unripe papaya into shallow pieces. Collect the juice that comes out and let it thicken up. Then, apply the solution on the face warts.

6. Castor Oil

As they say, castor oil is also very effective to fight warts. Wash your hand properly. Take a little amount of the oil and rub it thoroughly on the affected area.

warts on face pictures

7. Aloe Vera

Do you have an Aloe Vera plant growing in the backyard? Just go and break off a leaf. Squeeze a few drops of the juice on the warts.

8. Vitamin E capsule

Vitamin E capsule is available in every medical shop. Slice open the capsule and apply the extract on the warts once in a day. Continue with the routine throughout a week. You will get the result very soon.

9. Pineapple

Are you very fond of pineapple? Well, this fruit can help you fight the warts on your face too! Cut the fruit into pieces and apply directly on the wart. The natural acid in Pineapple will help the warts heal fast. Once you are done, wash your hand using liquid soap, as frequent skin contact can aggravate the issue even more.

10. Baking Powder

Make a mixture of baking powder and castor oil. Apply the blend every night before you go to sleep. Don’t forget to cover the area with a cotton bandage. Continue doing this until the wart goes off.

Some Extra Tips To Remember While You Are Trying Hard To Get Rid Of Face Warts:

  • Do not lay a hand on the wart every time it itches; it can spread rapidly through excessive skin contact.
  • Always clean your face before you go to bed. A healthy skin can always prevent the wart in the fienst way.
  • Also, make sure that you scrub your face at least once a week .
  • Clean up your towel regularly with lukewarm water.
  • It’s better not to share your towel with others.
  • Do not use such cream that does not suit your skin.
  • Last but not the least; a good diet always helps. So, try to maintain a proper healthy food habit.

Yes, you don’t have to spend a considerable amount of money to fight these warts. These simple home remedies will certainly help you get rid of the wart on face. So, what are you still waiting for? Go and try the remedies!

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